Five ways to achieve joy through de-cluttering! January 1, 2017 11:50 1 Comment

London Craft Club is decluttering this year, preparing a clear space for creative making and crafting

I have long thought that I am intrinsically a hoarder and that the mess that follows me around is an unavoidable part of my creative process. 

But during 2016 I began to get a taste for de-cluttering. We only have a small space for our two creative businesses (Twentieth Century Posters also operates from our HQ) and we simply ran out of space. So we made some very conscious changes and I have to say that I am genuinely a happier and calmer person as a result.

Here are my top tips for a calmer, easier, clearer space.

1 - Touch It Once

I have a friend at book club to thank for this. As the most easily distracted human alive, I have a tendency to put things down everywhere.Touch It Once is a mantra that says if you touch it, you have to sort it out. Whether that's putting it back where it lives, fixing it if it's broken, or chucking it if it's useless. I now repeat this under my breath all day long. 

2 - One in One Out

If we bring a new thing in, we have to donate or recycle another thing. When I started this one, I was horrified at how much stuff we were bringing in every month. No wonder we are at capacity. Maybe it's time to get rid of the Amazon and Ebay apps...

3 - Fit for purpose

Over the years I have realised that anything in a pile of more than four will eventually get scruffled up and fall into chaos. London living and working spaces are notorious for not having enough storage, so the storage we do have needs to be fit for purpose. I spent a long time thinking about what we use and how accessible it needs to be before investing in the right boxes, drawers, shelves and racks. Deeply satisfying! 

4 - Swishing

My friend Daisy over at Wardrobe Workshop has shown me that swishing is the way to go. She's passionate about reducing waste and organises amazing clothes swishes. I love love love clothes and shopping but I lack space, and swishing is the absolute best way to prune your wardrobe still  get great new stuff. I'm so hooked on it that we are having a craft swish this January. It's simple - you put an item into the swish, and you can take what you like out in return.

5 - Time

I have found that it's when I'm in a hurry that the clutter starts to re-appear, and that the more stressed I am the less likely I am to remember my new strategies. Ironically, when I do follow them, I am less stressed and time pressured. As a result, my new year resolution is to value my time more and be more thoughtful about committing my time. And so tidiness shall reign! 

So what are your top tips for keeping on top of clutter and mess? I've made progress but I haven't cracked it yet so I'd love to know what your tricks and tips are.