Our latest printable is this pair of papercut gift boxes February 29, 2016 23:16

A big thanks to Hannah of Utensils0 for this months gorgeous gift boxes.
Printable trinket or gift box craft DIY project by Utensils0To make them you will need:
This pdf printed onto A4 white card - we suggest 120gsm or heavier
7.5 cm square of coloured paper
Cut out the base and lid, using a scalpel cut out around the grey design shapes. Fold along the dotted lines; for thicker card you may need to score along the lines to help you fold it neatly.
Glue the tabs of the base to join it together. Glue or blue tack (if you want it to be changeable) the 7.5 cm square behind your cut out lid design.
Glue the tabs of the lid in the same way as the base. Now you have your box to gift or store pretty things!