Anyone can Knit a Bag




The London Craft Club Studio, 20 Bedford Square, WC1B 3HH

Knitting is the most wonderful skill to have in life. It's fantastically meditative, and the type of activity that lets your brain engage it what science calls "active rest". It's actually more restful and restorative than doing nothing! Plus you're rewarded with a useful end result, and there is a wealth of wools and yarns out there that you can work with. You can use budget acrylic, or handspun alpaca, mohair, t-shirt yarn, pure wool, merino, and it's all there for you to explore once you learn just two simple stitches, knit and pearl. We'll be using a chunky cord, it's easy to work with and gives a contemporary look to your handiwork. 

The Knit and Pearl stitches are the basis of knitting and in this beginners knitting workshop you'll learn both. Once you've got them pat, you'll be able to produce knitted fabric in various styles. You can try out: 

Garter stitch - this easiest of stitches is just endless rows of "knit".
Stockingette stitch - the classic knit look, with chevrons or "v"s 
Ribbing - the stretchy tighter bits at the cuffs and collars of jumpers 
Moss/Seed stitch - a beautiful stitch with a diagonal pattern. 

In our workshop, you'll learn the stitches and how these two humble knots can be combined to create different knitted textures. We'll also show you the simple way to cast on (if you've been flummoxed by casting on we have a super easy method for you). You'll knit up a swatch that you can turn into a little bag to show off your new skills

There's nothing mysterious about knitting - anyone can do it and you won't regret learning it! 

What's included:

A glass of Prosecco and unlimited hot drinks
A pair of knitting needles
All the yarn you need for your project
A top tips booklet
Links to the our refresher videos
A cotton tote to take it all home in

Who's it for

This workshop is perfect for beginners .You must be at least 18 years or over to take part. 

 PLEASE NOTE: we only offer refunds or rescheduing up to 14 days before the workshop date. For more information on our policy please click here.

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