We often get asked why we only offer a refund or a reschedule up to 14 days before a workshop, even in special circumstances, so we thought a longer explanation would help.

  1. When we do offer refunds or reschedules

You do have a 24 hour cooling off period in which you can cancel or reschedule even it if it’s within the 14 days. And if it’s more than 14 days before the event we will happily reschedule you booking or give you a refund. In the very unlikely event of us cancelling or moving a event, we’ll give you a full refund immediately. But after that, please do remember that by buying a ticket you’ve agreed to our terms and conditions, and that means you’ve agreed to our refund and reschedule policy too.

  1. A flat No-Refunds policy is standard

It’s pretty standard for event organisers to have a flat no-refund policy. For example, if you book to see Ed Sheeran or get tickets to go to Glastonbury, you can't get a refund if you can't go unless you buy a ticket protection plan or insurance. London Craft Club is small social enterprise and is less able to bear the impact of refunds, or organise a ticket insurance plan. And unlike a lot of those bigger events, you absolutely can give your London Craft Club ticket away to someone else, or even sell it to them if you like. So our policy is a lot more generous than most events. 

3. Even if a workshop isn't sold out that doesn't mean we can give a refund

Each workshop has to sell a minimum number of tickets to break even before it can make a profit. So if we have reached that number, but then have to refund ticket or two, it can make that workshop unprofitable. If it's unprofitable, we wont be able to pay our staff and overheads, and eventually we'll have to stop running workshops. And we don't want to do that! 

 4.Financial uncertainty

We used to let people reschedule and get refunds right up to the last minute. But quickly we realised why most event organisers don’t do that – it causes an unmanageable level of uncertainty. Once a class we ran had ten people booked on it. Eight of them were friends, and then the day before they all cancelled and booked on a different day. Our class ended up with two people on it and made a big loss. The other class was full, yes, but it would probably would have been anyway, even if the 8 friends hadn't booked on it.  We also saw that letting people cancel at the last moment meant that if it was really rainy day, a full class would be suddenly half empty from being full up. People were booking without being 100% sure they could make it, and then cancelling at the last moment. That kind of uncertainty is just not sustainable for us financially.

5.We have to work double-hard to sell a ticket twice

It’s quite hard work selling tickets! We have to make a real effort to stand out above all the other thousands of events that go on in London, and that means that we put a lot of time and also advertising money to promote each of our events. Once an event has a certain number of tickets sold, we change our marketing efforts to focus something else. If we give a refund on a ticket, then we have to re-sell that ticket, we’ve put double the effort into selling it. Too much of that, and it makes the tickets unprofitable. In the old days when we did do refunds – it took ages to process them all. We need to focus on creating fab workshops, not admin and marketing

6.Special circumstances

A lot of people ask us to waive our policy for special circumstances. It’s impossible though to set a rule that is fair about what is a special circumstance. To different people this means different things. We have to be consistent to be fair. We know its frustrating to have to miss a class, particularly if it’s due to circumstances beyond your control, such as illness or being let down by someone else.  But for all the reasons above, we cannot waive our policy for special circumstances. If you'd like to see the Citizen's Advise Bureau's information on ticket refunds, please see here https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/consumer/event-tickets/event-tickets/getting-a-refund-on-an-event-ticket/

So please when you book, do be doubly sure you can make the date, and if you think you might not be able to, why not put a reminder in your diary a few days before the refund deadline to check you can still make it. 

Thank you for taking the time to consider this, and if you really can’t make the class, please do get in touch as we will post you any kit that was included in the cost of the class, send you a discount code for the future to ease the frustration a little.

With love

The team at London Craft Club