Melodie Telliez is a London Craft Club expert craft teacher

Meet Melodie! Founder of Slinky Links. Melodie works with leather and copper to create striking bold pieces of contemporary jewellery and homeware. She works with reclaimed materials and breathes new life into them with her creative designs.

We chatted the other day about her inspiration and fetish shoes (read on to find out more!) - here are a few snippets:

Sonia: Who or what inspires you the most?
Melodie: Trying new things inspire me.I love learning new skills and trying out new craft and by making, I get ideas and inspiration.I also get energy by having a strong support group of talented crafty friends. They give me feedback when I need it and help me focus my ideas.

Craft and learn to create a space to live a creative colourful life.

Sonia: How best would you describe your creative style?
Melodie: I like to start my making. I don't do sketches most of the time. I really like to experiment with material. I think of ways I could use it and go from there. I like to see creation come to life in my hands. But to create I need a clear mind and a tidy working space or nothing happens

Sonia: What do you enjoy most about crafting?
I love the feeling you get when you are creating something  beautiful out of nothing. That's also why I work with reclaimed leather. What people see as rubbish, I see as potential.

Sonia: What’s the strangest thing you have ever made?
I use to work for a Fetish shoemaker so I help make some pretty impressive fetish shoes from black patent with gold patent leather embroidery 6'' thigh-high boots to Pink patent stiletto in size 12.

Use creativity and craft using leather and copper to learn new skills

Sonia: Why do you enjoy hosting workshops?
I like to see people learn that they too can be creative and how happy they get once they have made something that they never imagine they could make.

If you want to find out more about Melodie and her jewellery work you can find her here:

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And you can also visit the links below if you wish to find out about her new homeware range:

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And don’t forget you can make your own piece of beautiful leather inspired jewellery or copper pipe homeware at our next workshop, where Melodie will teach you everything you need to know!