Kat Campbell
When did you fall in love with painting with watercolour?
I have been painting with various materials since childhood but always especially enjoyed the fluidity and texture that you can create with watercolours. Its a very expressive medium so you can be quite unique in your approach when painting with it.

What do you like most about teaching?
I really enjoy seeing peoples confidence grow, even in the space of 2 hours or so.
Everyone always produces such individual results and its fun to see somebody surprise themselves with what they can achieve. To have a group leave chatting and happy is also a great feeling!

Whats the oddest thing you’ve ever made or painted...
I used to be a Graphic Designer on films. For one film I had to create an adult magazine cover in Photoshop to be featured in a scene. I even had to go and buy some magazines from the top shelf for reference. It was very embarrassing.

If you didn’t do this, what would you do?
I would've loved to have been a TV presenter or an Architect.

Kat Campbell is a West London based artist. Her designs are created using Gouache and watercolour paint with a delicate pastel colour palette and lots of attention to detail. Her unique range is pretty and cheerful.

As an independent creative business Kat likes to remain as green as possible.
Only using local UK suppliers. Her cards and prints are Forest Stewardship accredited.

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