Ben Hendy

Meet Ben Hendy, an award winning printmaker, and an associate member of the  Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers.  He also lectures on University courses, and is going to turn his expertise to making us the perfect beginner's linocut workshop. He's patient and knowledgeable, and brilliant at sharing his love for this tradition skill. 

Sonia: Ben, you teach print to all sorts of people at different levels. What’s your favourite thing about teaching?
Ben: There are lots of really rewarding this about teaching, but my favourite thing is s
eeing students' reactions when they peel off the paper to reveal their print for the first time.

SoniaWhat thing are you most proud of having made?
Ben: It's got to be the t
wo huge linocuts I made to raise money for the homelessness charity Crisis, that were sold at auction at Christie's 



Sonia: If you weren’t a printmaker and teacher w,hat do you think would you do?
Something with animals, probably working at an animal shelter trying to rehome cats and dogs. 



What’s your biggest creative ambition?
Ben: I love teaching, so I'd like to
 open a specialist printmaking and bookbinding workshop and teach creative hands-on skills to young people. 





Find out more about Ben here 


Instagram @henjaminbendy