Parent and Tween! Make Glorious Paper Chandeliers Together!




Have you noticed how conversations with our kids can sometimes flow better we're sitting next to them rather than face to face? Our holiday workshops are designed for a parent and childen to spend some time together on a craft activity. You can bring one or two* children aged 9 years and over and you will all do your own version of the project at the same time.

If you want to bring some joyful colour into your life, then this Polish Pajaki-inspired paper chandelier is the perfect workshop for you and your tweens. It's big, bright and bold, and light-weight enough to be easy to move around so you can put it in any room you like. 

In the session you can let loose your creative side choosing colours and texture to make your paper chandelier. You'll each create your own one so you can design it to suit yourself. The chandelier is build around a metal ring that forms the centre, and you build up garlands with tissue, paper, straws and lots of extra finishing touches. Think paper flowers, pom poms, and tassels to make your piece completely personal. More is definitely more with this project, so go wild with colours and create something truly fabulous!


What's included:

Lots of lovely bright paper to choose from!
All the other materials needed to make the chandelier
A recyled paper bag for each person to carry their chandelier home in
Unlimited tea, coffee, water and cordial

*Who's it for:

There are two options:

One adult and one child aged 9 years or over
One adult and two children aged 9 years and over
Children must be accompanied in order to attend this workshop
For other combinations please get in touch. 

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