Parent and Tween! Stitch a Cute Character Together!



It's easy to underestimate how well children can pick up the skills of hand-sewing but teachers know it's a great trick to build dexterity! Our holiday workshops are designed for a parent and children to spend some time together on a craft activity. You can bring one or two* children aged 9 years and over and you will all do your own version of the project at the same time.


We'll introduce you to the core embroidery stitches, and you'll be able to design your own cute character by assembling the features from our library of templates. Think classic unicorn eyelashes, kitty noses, loopy aliens,  and more. You'll create a little character on an embroidery hoop, and you can embellish it with felt to add ears, flowers, hair and more. 

It's so cute and easy, but it will give both of you an introduction to a lifelong skill! 

What's included:

A 4in wooden embroidery hoop
Lots of colour felt to stitch on to, and plenty of gems and embellishments to stick and stitch on 
A recyled paper bag for each person to carry their work home in 
Unlimited tea, coffee, water and cordial

*Who's it for:

There are two options:

One adult and one child aged 9 years or over
One adult and two children aged 9 years and over
Children must be accompanied in order to attend this workshop
For other combinations please get in touch. 

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