You don't need a whole sewing room... December 21, 2016 18:23

Sales of sewing machines have exploded in the last five years, with purchases of some models increasing by 500%. But here in the capital, most of us just don’t have space for a sewing room – or even a sewing corner. If that’s you, you should be sewing by hand instead!

Hand sewing workshops with London Craft Club are a great way for space squeezed Londoners to take up a creative crafty hobby20- and 30-something Londoners are embracing the trend for stitching but despite lots of enthusiasm, often find their sewing machines end up stuck in the bottom of the wardrobe because of the lack of space to spread out and sew.

Hand sewing could be the answer. It’s so small it can fit in your bag, there’s no need to pack it all away at night and you can make endless useful, stylish accessories. Here's a little headphone case we made in almost the same time it would take on a sewing machine

Learn the art of hand sewing and make lovely, small stylish craft project with London Craft Club

Hand -sewing includes all the same principals of machine sewing, like working with the nice side of the fabric on the inside until the last minute, or putting a zip in position. It’s slower for sure but not as slow as you might think, and it’s a great way to have a go at sewing and see if you enjoy it in general.

London Craft Club founder Sonia Bownes is running a Hand Sewing session where you can make handy headphone case in one short evening.  Sonia says “hand sewing is really satisfying. You can really lose yourself in it, and there are so many good modern projects out there for you to make with nothing more than scissors, needle and thread and a few scraps of fabric”  

You Can Sewing without a Sewing Machine runs on Saturday 14th January 2017 2-5pm at the Create Place in Bethnal Green.