Would you like to see my crochet fail? February 25, 2017 19:36

This is for anyone out there who's ever given themselves a hard time about not doing something perfectly.  Are you guilty of that? 

Crochet fail!

Recently we hosted a lovely yarn day at the Museum of London.  The morning was spent arm knitting and the afternoon doing macrame. In both sessions Riannon, Valentina and I noticed yet again the huge range of ways that people craft. One big difference is how people treat their mistakes. Some get very frustrated at their mistakes, and others just don't care! I'm genuinely on the fence about it. I do purr over a bit of ultra neat handiwork, but I also love the glorious freedom with which some people laugh off the five stitches they got wrong and instead focus on the 245 they got right.

 I think they may be having more fun!

Museum of London Yarn Day

So I decided to do a test. You may or may not know that I took up crochet recently. I've not had a lot of time to work on it, and anyway I'd stalled because I got annoyed that my second ever project - slippers - had come out willfully wrong.

But the yarn day made me think I could try a different approach. I started  again with the slippers, to see if I can learn to appreciate my mistakes.

The experiment went like this: I looked at some crochet slippers on the internet, grabbed a hook and went for it. No pattern, only one stitch in my repertoire, and  a refusal to worry about messing up. Here's what I was trying to make 

 And here's the result! Who knows what the other one will turn out like... 

I made loads of mistakes but I learned so much from it

I learned so much from this thing, and it does keep one foot warm! I'm hoping this will be a lesson I can take with me for my craft more generally. And as is so often the case, I hope my craft can teach me a useful lesson about how to live a little more gently. 

How about you? Are you all about the perfect end result? Or do you like to just focus on the process? Tell us in the comments