If I can't get these in the shops then I'll make them myself September 2, 2016 15:30

I'm not quite sure why, but shop-bought lampshades don't seem to follow fabric trends in the same way that cushions or curtains do. Which is odd, because they're relatively affordable and easy to change. You'd think they'd be the best place for a fickle trend-follower like me (I know what I am!) to show off my newest interiors crush.  

So September sees London Craft Club taking the matter in hand. We're bringing back one of our most popular workshops - but we've super sized it! We're making BIG ASS lampshades, with some of the  hottest fabric of 2016/17.

Make a really big 40cm drum lampshade using our brilliant selection of prints. A large lampshade can really finish a room off

We've had a tropical leaf print fabric created specially for this workshop, and sourced a gorgeously elegant marble print, a delightfully colourful painterly dab print and a decisive monochrome crosses print too. The Marimekko prints were snapped up for private workshops straight away. I am unashamed to admit that this is my personal fabric wishlist for the foreseeable future and it was no hardship getting a lot of it in! 

This specially printed tropical jungle banana and palm print fabric was made just for our London Craft Club Big Lampshade workshop

A too-small lampshade can look pokey and mean. A big one, in a great print, can make a room look like it's lived in by someone who really knows their own mind. But it's not just about the type of light fitting or shade you choose. Where you put the thing makes a difference too. Have a look at this Pinterest board of rooms we've found that make the most of the lighting by thinking about where to put it. https://uk.pinterest.com/londoncraftclub/lampshades-that-make-the-room/

I'm now off to buy a extra long lampshade cord to go with my new massive lampshade. What do you think? If you could use any fabric or print for your lampshade, what would it be? Do you think about where you put the lights or are you happy to plonk them somewhere in reach of the plug socket?