What's the real reason Christmas Jumpers are making me agitated? November 13, 2016 00:36 1 Comment

Right now the shops are full of Christmas Jumpers and I am a bit annoyed about it. 
-  It's not the early arrival of Christmas. I love Christmas, we can do Christmas from the moment the last sparkler goes out after bonfire night as far as I'm concerned. 
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-  It's not the fact that festive knitwear is getting more and more ridiculous, or that everyone is upping the kitsch level until its bumping around on the ceiling. That's fine; anything stylish should be suspended for Yule. 
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-  It's not the acrylic or the shoddy workmanship that often I find peeves me about fast fashion clothing.
Stitchy hollyStitchy hollyStitchy hollyStitchy holly
- It's this... I really think Christmas Jumpers should be home made not shop bought! That is rather the point of them. I know we're all busy but that's exactly why cobbled together is fine. In fact, cobbled together is in the spirit of things because this is one time where being a bit crap is an actual advantage! 
So - I have found you this book! Make Your Own Christmas Jumper by Nicolette Lafonseca. You absolutely do not need to knit, the projects are doable in a short evening and It's even got all the templates in the back, so you can't go wrong. Buy it for yourself, buy it for everyone else, and really let your Christmas creativity rip!  Plus it's really cute and Nicolette the author has an excellent blog over at Archie and the Rug.
My favourite Christmas book Make Your Own Christmas Jumper by Nicolette Lafonseca
I actually got on the phone to Nicolette, and we had a great chat about being the ladyboss of a create enterprise, what it's really like behind the cameras (she's a regular TV presenter) and, most intriguingly, a red-wine-hot-chocolate-drink she had last week. Awesome lady all round. 
Nicolette Lafonseca - craft author, blogger and TV presenter from Archie and the Rug
The upshot was that I invited Nicolette to host a Christmas Jumper afternoon in Highgate in December. You have got to be there!!! If you don't get a space on the workshop, come anyway and meet Nicolette and buy a signed copy of her book. 
Make your own Christmas Jumper by Nicolette Lafonseca
The session is being hosted by the Duckpond Market, which is returning to the newly refurbished Lauderdale House. The Duckpond Markets are put together by Caron Pook, another excellent and very entrepreneurial creative lady, and I love them because they always feature fantastic handmade local crafts. 
So - are you with me on this? I'm going to make Nicolette's reindeer design. Will you be making your own or will you be buying? Have you got a genuine vintage Christmas Jumper? Send us your pics or tag us on Instagram or Twitter and show us what you'll be wearing on the 25th Dec this year!