What's the best thing about wedding season? April 16, 2017 11:25

Yesterday I got invited to a wedding, which really got me excited about Summer! I do love going to weddings – people are happy and up for dancing, and it’s an excuse to dress right up. I don’t mind whether it’s a super informal do or the whole huge white shebang, it’s always a happy occasion to be part of. Plus my own wedding is safely under my belt, so I don’t feel the need to take notes, I can just coo and ooh and wobble about in fancy shoes. And look, these things exist now!

 London Craft Club wedding ideas

So here are my four favourite things about weddings season! 

Wearing a hat
The right occasion to wear a hat is any occasion where you want to feel fabulous. You can never ever be overdressed in a hat! Make your own at our workshop

London Craft Club and Sahar Freemantle of UglyLovely sinamy hat workshop

 Multi-generational dancing
At my wedding my uncles all got up and hit the dance floor, along with the kids and all our friends. The photos look insane! 

Tiny fancy bags
So lovely, so impractical under normal circumstances but suddenly at a wedding it's perfect because it wont take up all your shoulder and mangle your dress. Make one at our workshop 

London Craft Club leather clutch workshop


The single best thing about weddings is all the love in the room. Two people love each other, and loads of other people love them, and everyone is there to celebrate all the love. I always cry.