This weeknd is the BIG CRAFT SWISH!!! January 19, 2017 13:24

I'm sitting here surrounded by three huge piles of craft materials. There's a lot of paper, yarn, some fabric, some very nice stripey aprons, and loads of random assorted craft bits. It's the result of a hugely cathartic clearout of the London Craft Club stores, and I'm taking it all to the Swish on Sunday.

The London Craft Club Big Craft Swish

We have too much stuff. Not just "we" generally, but specifically us at London Craft Club. Our stores are overflowing. We hate throwing stuff away, and as a result we have a huge storage space full of left over crafty materials. It's a common story for crafters though, because let's face it, a lot of the joy of crafting is going to the craft shops!

So when I met Daisy over at Wardrobe Workshop and she told me about how she runs huge clohtes swishes, it got me thinking that we could do the same with crafty stuff. Swishing was invented originally as a way to refresh your wardrobe without adding to the mountain of textiles going to landfill. The principle is simple. Give your unwanted stuff to the swish, and take othere stuff you really do want back out. One man's trash is another's treaure, as they say.

So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, why not have a look at your crafty stash and streamline it a bit! Bring along books, mags, materials, wierd bit of kit or whatever you don't use, and swap it for something you do want. Join us on Sunday afternoon in Camden Town for a the Big Craft Swish. You can book tickets here or pay £3 on the door.

See you there!