My six favourite crafty bits of kit May 13, 2018 11:14 1 Comment

Our six favourite craft tools

At Craft Club HQ, we've had a really big clear-out this week, which has made us think about what we really do need. I have a bit of an addiction to craft gadgetry, although not all are as useful as others! These are some ours favourite, but there are so many other ones we could chose. What are your favourite crafty tools? 

Rotary Cutter

London Craft Club's top six craft tools

I thought rotary cutters were total magic when I first found them. Especially when I realised you can cut through more than one layer of fabric at a time. I actually find cutting the hardest part of dressmaking so these are a godsend! Find out all about them here 

Stix2Anything tape


It sticks to fabric! It's doublesided! Seriously you can use it for everything. Gapey shirt buttons need holding closed? Bra straps need to stick under your dress straps? Need to stick a lampshade together? Want to add decorative bits to a Christmas stocking? The list is endless! Buy it here


Ernest Wright Scissors

We have a few hundred pairs of scissors at Craft Club, but nothing beats a really sharp well balanced pair of dressmaking shears. Like these by fabulous traditional scissor makes Ernest Wright and Son

Water soluble pens

water soluble pens

Another magic trick! Draw on fabic, then when you've felted, emboridered or what ever else you want to do on it, you just spray water on it and it VANISHES! Get them here

Blank plastic cards

You can buy batches of blank white credit cards and they are great for so many things! I make map coasters with Mod Podge, and they help you smooth on a lovely smooth finish. Also great for spreading glue, grout and anything else you need to spread evenly. Way way better than a glue spreader! Get em here

 After the big clearout that made us think of this, we've decided to get a little Instagram sale or two going! Watch out for the dates coming soon!