Meet Our New Teacher Yvonne August 19, 2018 15:00


Yvonne Teaching

As London Craft Club grows and expands and changes so does our team of craft teachers. We are so incredibly lucky to work with some super talented people, who allow us to bring you such a great range of different workshops. Our newest member of the team is Yvonne Pratt, who is going to be teaching our Hand Sewing Workshop starting from September, and hopefully some other workshops too in the future.

Yvonne has an interesting story as she has recently left her job in education and teaching to become a freelance creative - something which we know lots of you would also love to do! So we thought we would ask her a few questions to see what made her take the leap into freelance life!

1. Tell us a bit about your background.

I have worked in various educational backgrounds over many years, from teaching silkscreen printing and fabric dye workshops at universities, to teaching careers at West Suffolk Collage focusing on the Art and Design department and inspiring young minds about their future careers.

2. What made you decide to go freelance?

Whilst I have been working in teaching environments I have always continued to practice my passion for craft. This has developed into my unique style of bespoke mixed media textile pieces which combine my love of drawing, illustration, textile print and free motion embroidery. I have a fascination for the natural environment and our Great British Heritage.

Living in Suffolk I have continued to exhibit, showcase and sell my work, and have built up a community of friends who are craft makers like myself. Ultimately it was this community that encouraged me to become freelance, allowing me to fully embrace my craft and love of teaching.

3. What are the best and worst parts of being freelance?

The best part of becoming freelance is being able to concentrate on my passion to create and inspire others through my craft experience and knowledge of crafts. Also meeting and networking with likeminded people with the same passion as myself.

Since I’m new to freelancing, there aren’t any bad bits (yet!)

4. What crafts do you/can you teach?

I am extremely versatile when it comes to crafting as I use mixed media within my own craft. But also I love to experiment with different techniques and have been fortunate to attend and work at workshops at various crafting events over the years. I can turn my hand to almost anything, and I find it extremely satisfying to learn new crafts.

5. Do you still craft for fun? If so what do you make?

Yes, and this tends to be if I take a fancy to something new. But I love using free motion embroidery because I love that it is such a versatile technique, and I can have fun using different materials and fabrics. I love the textures and style it can gives an art piece.

6. Why do you love crafting?

Being an extremely creative person my mind is just bursting with ideas all the time, and I can only get these ideas out through using my hands to create crafts. So this is really just my way of expressing my ideas.

Thanks so much for chatting with us Yvonne! We hope you've enjoyed learning a bit more about the newest team member, and you can book to learn Hand Sewing with Yvonne right here.