How simplicity kept our crafternoon creative July 2, 2016 23:28

Today I found myself saying the same thing over and over....

Simple is best! Simple is best!

I was at Saucer and Spritz, one of my absolute favourite venues, where we were printing onto cotton napkins. The point that I was trying to get across was that sometimes you don't need to overcomplicate the creative process.

Saucer and Spritz

The first part of the printing workshop is all about deciding what to print, and the second half is actually getting inky and printing. The danger with the first part is feeling the pressure to come up with an amazing drawing or detailed design.

 grey repeated design

But the great thing about printing is that you can use repeating shapes to brilliant effect. And often the simpler the better, like this grey on grey print. Just one super simple shape, repeated and overlapped in two slightly different greys. Brilliant!


This flamingo and palm combination works really well too. Simple strong shapes and a great colour combination - there was a lot of oooh-ing over this when it was finished!

It was a creative and energetic afternoon of printing, cocktails and cake. By the end of it we had between us created at least fourteen designs based on the principle of repeating a simple shape. Everyone learned some printing techniques - and the building blocks to create a successful design from the most basic of shapes.

If you want some more inspiration for printing designs, check out our Pinterest board on simple printing shapes, or just take a few minutes to marvel at the versatility of the humble triangle, one of my favourite design motifs ever.

by Sonia Bownes, founder of London Craft Club