Flora is uncovering London's wild colour secrets for us July 16, 2017 00:17

Nature creeps in to every corner of London and you don't have to live in the wilderness to be able to create colour with plants. Flora Arbuthnott  has been teaching our eye opening Wild Colour workshops and walks in London this Summer, and they are wonderful! 

London Craft Club's wild colour Summer where you can learn how to use plants to dye fabric Flora's recipe book

Flora has been sharing her knowledge of how to identify plants that can be used to dye fabric on our outdoor walks. She brings her beautiful "recipe book" to shows the colours plants produce when used to dye different fabrics and yarn. Her Battersea walk is already one of our highest rated sessions, and her next one at Hampstead promises to be even better. (Click to see our Facebook pics)

Learn to use plants to dye silk Learn how to identify plants that you can use for dye colours


As well as the walks, Flora has been leading us through the dye techniques in her workshops too. So far this year we've done both bundle dye and Shibori, with wonderful results. We use Habotai silk scarves, which have a floaty light texture and a beautiful sheen, and at 72 inches long they are a really good size. 

Bundle dyed silk scarf

Bundle dyed fabric from our workshop


Natural dyeing is one of the most direct and exciting crafts we do - when you open out your fabric and reveal what you've created it's a wonderful moment. It's always slightly unpredictably but that's the great joy of it! 

Find out more about Flora here

Learn natural dye techniques and understand how plants can be used to create colour

 Flora's bundle dye workshops