FFS feminism is just a word June 18, 2017 02:05


I used to be very wary of the label Feminist, but I have to say with the possibility of the DUP getting into government and pushing women's and LGBT rights backwards, I am freaking out. about feminism.  The Handmaid's Tale isn't helping.  

Being a feminist means that you have a plain and simple belief that all men and women have equal value and equal rights. 

In fact, how on earth did even the word feminism get taken away from women in the first place? Despite Emma Watson's efforts, it's still an awkward tag. Like even still, wanting equality makes you a ranty, tree-hugging, badly-dressed pain in the arse. 

Right now, with our hard won progress towards all sorts of equality under threat, frankly I  don't care if people do think I'm awkward. We have a Feminist Embroidery workshop coming up, which we put on because we thought it would be fun to celebrate some of the great characters of feminism. Since then, things have changed and it feels more urgent.

I know almost no feminist theory. My feminism is born of experience, and hearing women's stories. I absolutely do not think this invalidates my opinions, it means there is more exciting stuff to learn, more opinions for me to hear. 

So... I'm up for a bit political stitching if you are. Join us at Drink Shop Do or the Nines. No theory required, just come to share thoughts, stories and stitches.