Which Crafter's Colour Personality are you? March 25, 2017 19:36 3 Comments

Since Spring hit and the blossom appeared, I've been making everything in pinky colours, which is odd as I am not really a pink person. But then there's a lot made of colour and how it relates to personality. If you like blue you're tranquil, and if you like red you're a fiery type. 

London Craft Club's Sonia keeps making things in pink since the blossom arrived this March adn April

I've been looking at colour a lot recently - I did my Makelight.com colour report on Instagram which I highly recommend you do for some colour fun. I didn't come out as very consistent in palette, which frankly didn't surprise me as I'm a colour magpie, just like I am with everything else!  But I have noticed that people, including me, are fairly consisting in HOW we use colour, rather than what colours we use. 

So on the basis of zero scientific research, here is my guide to Crafter's Colour Personalities! Have fun... 


The London Loom tapestry weaving workshops with colour with London Craft Club

If you like colour you have to check out @thelondonloom girls Brooke and Francesca! That is one crazy colourful grid going on! I was totally smitten the second I saw it. They throw colour around like it's going out of fashion, with freedom and fun. All the people weaving with them seem to embrace colour wholeheartedly, and I cannot wait to weave with them at our first workshop in April. It's going to be colour monster and I plan to really let go and throw myself into it!


Tent Living macrame workshops with London Craft Club are beautiful and chicI love the word chic. I would love to be chic I would love my house to be chic. I imagine myself living in the world of @tentliving, where everything is insanely and effortlessly beautiful and chic. Susana, the maker behind the macrame and weaving of Tent Living, has gorgeous kids, a gorgeous house and even makes dungarees look great (I look like a cross between Ricky from Eastenders and a 70's ten year old in them) This would be infuriating but she is so incredibly nice and down to earth. Her colours are a mix of gorgeous neutrals and blush, as loveable as hugge but with style rather than a onesie. Grab at bit of her style at our next macrame workshop 


Beautiful bold colour with Suede and Co leather clutch craft workshops from London Craft Club

This is probably where my heart is. I love colour - if it's going to be red, it should be Ruby Woo.  I had a neon pink kitchen for a long time, and blue hair in 1996. I like just one, strong, super punch of colour and most everything else is white, black or silver. Clear, graphic, decisive. For this reason I want to own everything by @suede_and_co's Dee. Her super graphic accessories press every button in my colour personality! Have a go yourself at making a graphic leather clutch with her at our next clutch workshop

So what do you think of my off-the-cuff weekend theory? Are you one of these or something completely different? Let me know in the comments!