Cool things with cork! July 31, 2016 06:24

We've been seeing so much gorgeous stuff made with cork recently, from handbags to shoes to chairs. It's a 70's staple but it's got wonderful qualities that make it easy to see why it's back in force. Warm and soft to the touch, with the wobbles and blobs of an organic material, cork makes a lovely foil to shiny metals and plastics.

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Cool things with cork


We've been looking for the perfect craft cork for a while and we think we've found it. A lot of the sticky-back craft cork sheets or craft coasters you can buy have a tiny, crumbly grain that doesn't look as good as the big-grain, really corky-looking expensive materials. Our superior quality cork doesn't crumble or flake when you cut it, and it's treated to make it tough and durable. It's a brand new product and as far as we know it's only made by our suppiers. It's a tiny bit pricey but you get what you pay for! We haven't stop making stuff with it since we found it and you can get it here

To have a play with our superior quality cork, check out our Cork Jewellery workshop at the London Artisan Market coming up soon.