Citadel Festival is going to be amazing! April 29, 2018 11:56 1 Comment

Citadel Festival the ultimate Summer Sunday


I love a Summer Festival. There's something dreamy about sitting on the grass, sipping a drink as you watch the sun setting over the main stage, while everyone around you is just a little bit more unbuttoned than usual. It's refreshing for the soul.
So, when London Craft Club was invited to take part in Citadel Festival I was obviously very pleased. But then I saw the programme! The bands are amazing, of course, but there's so much stuff to do. So much! From the Spandex Stage to the Art Studio to the Science Camp to the Tug-of-War, I think I have found my Summer heaven.
I firmly believe that exercise is the best way to release, rejuvenate, and inspire yourself - but not just exercise of the physical kind. I also love the feeling of exercising my brain with learning and experimenting. I forget to worry and instead marvel at the exciting new things I have discovered and done, and come out feeling like I've been for a refreshing swim (but without the chlorine hair and awkward wet cozzy)
Check out the programme at Citadel, for your inner child, and handily for any actual children as well. We'll be there with a lovely mini macrame for you to try, plus you can create your own super gorgeous design on a bag and have us heat press it on for you.

London Craft Club Art Studio at Citadel Festival 2018