Happy Christmas memories still live in these little ornaments November 5, 2017 10:11

When you think of Christmas, chances are you think of Christmas trees and, more specifically, of decorating that tree. Most of my earliest memories of Christmas involve getting our decorations out of the loft, unwrapping them, and hanging them carefully on the branches one by one. Each decoration holds so many memories, of times and places and people, that I wanted to share some of my favourites with you, and hopefully you'll want to share some of your decorations and the memories attached to them with us.

These are from my distant childhood, and I can't remember a Christmas without a them.They are a bit grubby now and their satin finish is looking a bit worse for wear, but I still love them and the memories they evoke.

What would Christmas be without handmade decorations? The one on the left was made by my step-daughter when she was about ten, and the gingerbread house on the right was made by my little boy when he was three. I love these ones so much as they were the first ones they each made for our tree.

Poor little guy - he's lost his ride! But my hubby loves this weird little chap as he remembers him from his childhood Christmases.

These baubles marked my entry into the world of grown up Christmas ornaments. They were the first decorations I bought that were not glittery, and every time I look at them I think that if I wanted, I could have an elegant and stylish Christmas. But the truth is I don't - I want a tinsel smothered sparklefest with mince pies, inflatable santas, and cheesy Christmas songs. But I can have a few fancy ornaments on the tree...

Why not add to your collection of Christmas memories by decorating your tree with a handmade ornament or two? We have two wonderful workshops coming up that will show you how to create your own decorations such as the handstitched leather decorations pictured above. And once you've mastered it you'll be able to make them to gift to friends and family too, and spread the memories and love even further.