Burgundy craft goals October 23, 2016 08:46

My burgundy craft goal with yarn, ribbon, paint and paper

Yes I love Autumn, we know that now! One reason is the Autumn colours. Each year this colour comes back. Pantone called it Marsala a couple of year ago, and thankfully it's back again this year. Here's my burgundy craft goals board on Pinterest- what are yours?

1- Mohair! (A new form of self-punishment) Knitting with mohair is my new obsession, except I can't get the cast on neat enough so I frog it each time. It will be years before I wear anything I've knitted in mohair. 

2 - Ceramics. Recently I bought tons of mugs from the Hackney Potter and now I really really want to take up ceramics so I can make mugs. I will still buy Hackney Potter mugs though, becuase they make my tea taste magic

3 - New Handbag. My current little suede mini bag is covered in coffee, biro and general London grime. I want to make a new one - or just buy Rosanna Clare ones. 

4 - Christmas. Poinsettas are hitting the top of my list for handmade Christmas themese this year. I love them - retro and nostalgic, but also big bold and graphic. 

5 - Sewing Renaissance - I have discovered one of my neighbours is an obsessive sewist! It has got me sewing again after a phase of loving print, and I want to make perfect fitting dresses. 

I'd love to know what your craft goals are at the moment! Am I the only one who gets overexcited and sets crazy ambitious craft goals? And do you ever get that thing where you're determined to master something tricky and it becomes a bit obsessive? I love hearing about what you're up to