Meet Zoe - A London Craft Club Update August 26, 2018 10:21 1 Comment

There have been a lot of exciting changes happening at London Craft Club recently - most of you will already know that we are moving into a brand spanking new venue this week, which will serve as the Craft Club HQ, as well as being where most of our workshops will now be held.

But the eagle-eyed among you have also noticed that our weekly newsletter is now from me, Zoe, instead of Sonia, and have been curious to know why. Well, there has also been a change-up behind the scenes here at London Craft Club! Sonia hasn't gone anywhere, but I've taken over the day to day running of London Craft Club. I'll also be helped by Baily - we'll introduce you to her properly very soon!  

We figured you might like to learn a bit more about me now I'll be popping up in your inbox and social media, so pop over here to read the Q&A with me!

Lovely Zoe has joined London Craft Club


Sonia - Zoe, can you tell us a bit about your extensive crafty background!

Zoe - I’ve been working as a creative for seven years now - I started off running my own jewellery business called Ladybird Likes, which I did for about five years, but I started to fall out of love with it as I was waking up every day and doing the same tasks over and over. I wanted something more creative and more diverse, but I felt more like a factory worker. So I started branching out into other creative areas, particularly teaching crafts. I now like to call myself a ‘freelance creative’ as I dabble in so many creative areas. 

Sonia - I remember hearing loads about you on the crafty scene before you joined LCC, you're a bit of a celeb amongst crafters! So tell the guys how you got involved with London Craft Club?

Zoe - I’ve been part of LCC for about a year now, and I started out just teaching workshops (which I still do because I absolutely love it!) Then I started helping out in the office with some admin work, and about two months ago Sonia offered me the position of ‘Head Crafter’ (which is the only job title we could decide on that didn’t sound super boring and corporate!)

Sonia  - So can you just explain what you do at London Craft Club exactly?

Zoe - Ha, well a bit of everything really - whatever is needed! My main roles are creating our programme of workshops - so coming up with new workshop ideas, finding creatives to work with, researching what we will need and how it would work in a workshop environment, making samples, that sort of thing. And then I also do the marketing and sales side of things - I’ve been writing the weekly newsletters for a while now, and will also be taking over social media and content creation which I’m really excited for.

Sonia - Zoe, I honestly think you are the most versatile crafter I know! What workshops do you teach?

Zoe - My biggest passion is yarn crafts - anything that involves yarn I just find so interesting and relaxing. I teach weaving, punch needle, crochet, felting, macrame... and lots of other stuff too! I’ve also been hugely passionate about a wide range of crafts, and have never been able to just pick one to focus on! I’m never sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but it’s just the way I am!

Sonia - Why do you like teaching crafts?

Zoe - Honestly, I feel like craft has played a huge part in my life for such a long time, and making things has opened up so many doors for me, as well as helping me deal with anxiety and stress. I’m a massive advocate for the benefits of crafting on a regular basis, and I hope through teaching crafts and helping other people to find a craft they love, that I can pass on those benefits. I genuinely believe that we would all be a lot happier and more relaxed if we made time each day to do something creative.

Sonia - Thank you so much for answering our questions, everyone at LCC is so excited to have you in the gang! You're SO creative and can make anything, but  we think you fit in so well here because you really get our "be kind, be awesome at what you do" mentality. Hurrah for Zoe! 

If you'd like to find out what I've been up to, head over to for a little look! Me and the Craft Work gang still share an office with LCC so we haven't gone far but it's a little different...