5 reasons why craft workshops are the best way to broaden your creative horizons November 26, 2015 15:02

There's tons of craft workshops available in London - what makes them such a great way to get your craft on? 

London Craft Club table

Your Own Personal Troubleshooter
It really helps to have an expert on hand to troubleshoot! YouTube and Pinterest are amazing resources for tutorials and DIYs, but there’s nothing like one to one teaching from a real expert to help you get over a glitch. “It wasn’t until the teacher described it a forward PUNCH that I got the technique” said Cathy at a recent arm knitting session. Who knew yarn craft could be so violent…

Crafters Are A Lovely Bunch
There is a place for quiet, solitary crafting – but crafting in a gang is the best! Last week at Craft Club I watch a lovely friendship form over crochet, and so many of my own friends I met through crafting. There’s something about crafting that seems to attract friendly, quirky, individuals, and there’s nothing nicer than sharing your latest triumphant make or dubious craft fail. Crafty buddies are one of the best sources of inspiration too. 

London Craft Club knitters

The Drawer of Un-finished Craft Projects
Are you familiar with the dreaded Drawer of Un-finished Craft Projects? Filled with knitting still on the needles, the cut out bits of a paper craft project that you didn’t have the right bit for, jewellery with no fastenings on … most good workshops are based around a project that you can finish in the first session. And a finished project is the route to zen happiness

The Other Stuff Behind the Un-finished Craft Projects
And on the topic of the Drawer of Un-finished Craft Projects, what about the gadgets that it turns out weren’t that useful, clay you never actually got round to making tea light holders with, the fat quarters squirreled about the house, the enormous tub of ModPodge you haven’t opened yet… it probably cost you more than a workshop and you have just got a drawer full of neglected products. Most good workshops supply absolutely everything. So if you really can’t resist the urge to splurge in Hobbycraft, you might at least end up with stuff you use...

The Experts
Who hasn’t dreamed about ditching the rat race to start a new creative life? Most of the craft experts who teach workshops are doing exactly that, so if you’re really thinking about it you can pick their brains about their experiences. Or live vicariously through them, get your fix of life-affirming creativity and soak up some new skills and inspiration.

Suzie Kemner at London Craft Club

Sonia Bownes is the Founder of London Craft Club. She's an obsessive crafter and specialist in education and volunteering partnerships for businesses and charities. 

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