Ever felt a bit nervous about creating your own designs? October 21, 2015 09:11

Power up your design confidence with Suzie Kemner

Lots of you told us that you love the idea of creating your own original designs, but a blank page can be a bit intimidating! So we searched for a fabulous designer who could help you crack that fear and get your creative flow going

Introducing the awesome Suzie Kemner of  Suzie London

Suzie is the designer behind both the Huckleberry and Suzie London labels. She's  been creating beautiful, Scandi inspired design for over 15 years, both for big brands and her own boutique labels. She's also taught tons of excellent and unsusual  craft workshops, most recently at John Lewis, and we're delighted that she's put together this exclusive  Design and Create a Cushion workshop just for London Craft Club. We asked Suzie a couple of questions about her life as a designer...

LCC - What's the first thing you remember designing?
Suzie - When I was a little girl, I used to design and make my own magazines for my family and friends, with images to colour in, puzzles and quizzes. I guess that's why I became a graphic designer!

LCC - What's the best thing about being a designer?
Suzie - I love being able to create beautiful things, and my home and wardrobe are full of my own creations.
LCC - What's your best tip to beat the fear of a blank page?
Suzie - Go out and explore! There's some much around to inspire you.

Find out more about Suzie's workshop or book your spot here