Knit One Finish One! A Beginners Knit Night September 26, 2015 15:55

Knitting is the best   nice needles!  

Last night was our Knit One Finish One knitting night. We're giving a special mention for Christina, who has set herself the challenge of out-knitting her nan despite never having picked up the pins before, and to Hannah, who has decided to leap straight into a giant crochet poof project now that she’s got the t-shirt yarn bug. We also discovered that the bag can be flipped upside down to make a hat of such extreme cuteness it’s almost criminal - check it out on Instagram @londoncraftclub. And of course a massive thanks you to Riannon and Cara of I Make Knots for teaching us how to make their beautiful bag!

Tag your makes #LCCmakes before the Knitting Reunion at  2pm on 3rd October for the chance to win. The prize is….

  •    a pair of wooden 8mm needles (to give you a choice of sizes)
  •    a giant crochet hook
  •    a bobbin of Hoooked yarn AND
  •   a pair of strap clips

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All pictures copyright Amy Terry of Take Aim Photography