4 top tips if you're organising a party for someone July 9, 2016 13:11

If you've ever tried to organise a baby shower, hen party or any kind of gathering of friends and family, then you'll know it can be trickier than it sounds. But good on you for taking it on! It's a lovely thing you're doing for someone, so here are our top tips for making it a tiny bit easier...
Fixing a date this decade
Setting a date
When did we all get so incredibly busy? The Universe has done it's very best to make sure none of you are free on the same day. Have you tried Doodle. It's a website the allows you to offer up a big range of dates so everyone can tick the ones they can do. Take that, Universe!


Collecting the money

Most places you might want to book for a party require a significant amount of money to secure the date. Unless you're going to pay it our of your own pocket and collect the cash on the day then we suggest an app like PayPals Money Pool 


Use the work printer
Printable Babyshower DIY Invite with palm leaves and yellow stripes
Best to use your discretion on this, but printables are an amazing way to make a bespoke babyshower, hen or birthday party without having to do too much work! Someone else does the designs, you just print cut and stick. For starters here's a free printable invite that you can personalise by our friend Hannah at Utensils0
She's your friend

You're doing a lovely thing for someone! People will be happy, friendships will be built or strengthened, and lovely memories made because of you! Ultimately it's friendship that matters, and that can't be measured in party accessories.

If you'd like to throw a crafty party, click here to visit our craft parties page.