110 people in 24 hours of museums January 29, 2017 11:39

What an incredible 24 hours.

From 5pm on Friday night to 4pm on Saturday afternoon, we introduced 110 people to  new creative activities. And we were lucky enough to do it in some of the most stunning London surroundings. 

On Friday night we were crafting among a selection of the world's most famous paintings as Eleanor, Kat and I taught landscape quilting at the National Gallery's Australia Late.

Check it out on Instagram - how many Van Gogh's and Cezanne's can you name check in this video? And today we spotted Caroline's lovely blog post about it - have a read here http://carolinejoynson.blogspot.co.uk/

National Gallery Australia Late with London Craft Club

And the very next day I was with Valentina and Riannon at the Museum of London teaching Arm Knitting and Macrame to an enthusiastic crowd.  It was a intensely creative day in the Garden Room, part of the London Wall overhead walkways.  Check it out here

Museum of London

Next month catch us at two more museum Lates, the Jewish Museum Claytime and London Transport Museum's Urban Fabric Late