Quilting for Speed Freaks March 19, 2016 08:54 1 Comment

I am a bit of a speed freak. I’m always in a hurry to get on to the next thing, doing everything as quickly as possible. So when I joined Chris Webb, of lazycrafternoons, to learn the hand-quilting technique of English Paper Piecing, I did feel a twinge of concern
If you’ve got one eye on the world of craft, you’ll have spotted that quilting is booming. It is the ultimate craft. It’s functional, it’s do-able without a huge amount of kit, and it gives an impressive end result. You can dip into a huge vocabulary of traditional patterns or go super modern and minimalist – or just plain bonkers with it. But it is also patently painstaking. Even machine quilting, with its endless cheats and hacks, takes patience, hand quilting even more so. I was a bit worried I might be in too much of a hurry to get anywhere with it.
I’d commissioned Chris to teach a workshop – as the Founder of London Craft Club I commission workshops and tutorials for our members all the time. The topic was an introduction to EPP and it was popular, selling out pretty quickly. Chris is a lifelong quilter, originally from Toronto but now firmly settled in London. He’s part of the quilting revival, using traditional techniques in a modern way and a passionate advocate of enjoying the act of the crafting as much, if not more, than the end result.
Chris Web
Chris’s craft philosophy showed in the workshop… a gentle mood prevailed with Chris reassuringly calm as we snipped glued and stitched the evening away. I was surprised to be one of the slowest in the group as I methodically stitched my tiny, paper backed shapes into patchwork, oblivious to time passing.
Sonia's mini quilts
The end result was series of rather lumpy coasters. I am ridiculously proud of the work that went into them and I have made every member of my family look at them in intense detail, whilst describing the stitches I’ve used and refusing to let them place a mug on it. They are baffled. I am hooked!