Very exciting shoes for kids December 3, 2016 23:13

The Little Shoemaker's story isn't unlike that of many modern makers. As is often the way, a creative approach to the day job opened up all sorts of opportunities - find out more about the Little Shoemaker here

The Lilttle Shoemakers Elves

Thes handmade shoes make me wish I'd had a little girl - on the whole, I'm not much into the frilly pink that dominates little girl outfits, but black and gold and handmade? These are girlie shoes I'm seriously excited about. 

OH Shoes!

If you follow @thelittleshoemaker on Instagram, you'll spot regular appearances from the Elves, who must be Brighton's best shod kids! Seeing as I just can't get my own size 5 tootsies into these, I'll be needing some nieces... 

Bookmark the site for when you need to get dream gift for a little girl, that will also make her mama very happy too!