Ugly Mugs I Really Love December 26, 2016 23:38

Milo Mades' tagline is ugly mugs and tiny jugs

As ever, I have unwittingly bought into a huge trend and I currently obsessed with ceramics that look a little awkward, rough or hand made. Of course the real skill is in balancing that awkwardness with lovely proportions and colours, so at first you don't spot how carefully elegant  they are.

Right now I am besotted with Milo Made ceramics. Imagine a shelf with tons of these lined up on it. My ability to kill plants would finally be appreciated too!

Milo Made is our #mondaycraftcrush

I don't care if my stubby fingers wouldn't fit through that little handle. It is the most gorgeous shape, I would get someone with elegant hands to hold it for me. My coffee would be so much better in this mug.

Milo Made is our #mondaycraftclub

Milo Made is our #mondaycraftcrush


I'm so looking forward to finding Milo Li-Ren Mckeand at an event soon soon and getting to know more about Milo Made