The surprising similarity between printmaking and quilting January 16, 2017 16:00

This week I'm crushing on quilts by Skinny Malinky - aka Lucy Engels. I love how she works with plain block colour hexies, but makes it looks so modern. This is exactly how my quilts come out in my imagination, if not in reality. But from my experimentation with hexies, I can tell you that planning these geo patterns is not the effortless task it looks in Lucy's hands!

Skinny Malinky Quilt aka Lucy Engels is our #mondaycraftcrush

Having discovered her quilts, I was surprised to find Lucy is originally a print maker. I've always worked with textiles, and found the inky sticky fun of printmaking a world away from working with fabric. But it seems I could be wrong!

Skinny Malinky is #mondaycraftcrush

Lucy says about quilting " I embraced the process which I found was unexpectedly similar to printmaking. It has to be exact, layers create the final quilt, texture can be added to create dimension.  I love being able to use amazing fabric lines in my work, playing with a sophisticated palette whilst enjoying bold combinations."

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I'm inspired to get quilting with plain fabrics! What do you prefer? Patterns or plain?