Jessica Funaro February 6, 2017 18:36

Since I spend twenty minutes throwing my first pot I am totally obsessed with ceramics. My latest #mondaycraftcrush is potter Jessica Funaro and her simple, bold tableware. Sadly I don't think I'll be popping by her studio anytime soon - It's not that easy to get to from North London! But now I've seen her work, I've set myself a standard to aspire to in my attempts at throwing pots.

When I'm trying to develop a new piece of work, I collect lots of images of things I love to help me get in a creative, inspired state of mind.

Jessica FunaroI used to worry that I might inadvertently create a something based on another person's work, but I now realise that as soon as I move on to working with the material, I have my own reaction to it and it takes me in my own direction. Yes, the things I looked at in advance influence me, but it's impossible to create anything in isolation. I'm happy to accept the effect of other makers on my creative process because I do end up making it my own. And part of the reason I love to make is that I love to respond to trends, and I'm not alone there! 

Jessica Funaro

So take some time to look at other makers work, and pick out what you like about it. It will help you clarify what's important to you and what your drawn to, and inform what you make.  

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