It's a lot lot harder than you'd expect to make these! January 23, 2017 18:51

This week's #MondayCraftCrush is Bellerby and Co Globemakers. OK so it's not the most affordable stuff, but it's amazing to know that this level of skill and care still goes into making things. How hard can it be to make a globe? Well, seriously hard it turns out! 

Bellerby and Co Globemakers

But it's a wonderful story of perseverance, patience and attention to detail. One of the things I love about making things from scratch is the problem solving. There's nothing more satisfying than looking at something and working out how it was made, then doing it for yourself. It's a brilliant way to learn a craft, and you can see how globemaking has been revived in exactly this way here  by Bellerby and Co. Follow them on Instagram here to see the whole story, it's wonderful to watch.