I saw Bella Singleton's scarves from the other side of the room.... January 3, 2017 00:47

I remember seeing Bella Singleton's scarves and feeling the thrill of discovering something awesome and awkward at the same time. This is about the best reaction I can have to a piece of design, it's the mark of something really special and reminds me why I love crafted things so much.

Bella Singleton is London Craft Club's #mondaycraftcrush

We first met her at the Country Living Fair in 2016 and she's become a bit of a cult brand since then. You can find her work at the Tate Modern shop now, so it's not so much of a secret now. I like to think we were ahead of the game though...

Bella Singleton is London Craft Club's #mondaycraftcrush

Have a browse of her very lovely Instagram feed, or just get to her website with your credit card ready. They may not be cheap, but as we are always saying, it's so much better to save and blow the budget on one truly beautiful item than endless cheap Primani's.

Bella Singleton is London Craft Club's #mondaycraftcrush. Check back each week to find out more

We're wishing Bella a fantastic and successful 2017!