The start of my indoor garden with Geo-Fleur January 8, 2017 19:14

If you're on Instagram, you've probably already discovered greenery guru Sophie Lee of Geo-Fleur. At London Craft Club, we're all very excited to discover she has a book coming out in April that you can pre-order on her site. I love indoor plants, but I am the opposite of green fingered so I'm hoping it will increase the chances of survival for my long suffering spider plants.

London Craft Club loves Geo-Fleur - #mondaycraftclub

As well as having a very gorgeous shop in Walthamstow, Geo-Fleur do a plant subscription box which makes for a really exciting monthly parcel - and everything Sophie has sent me is still alive months on. Wisely chosen plants, clearly, and they have all arrived potted up in lovely ceramic vessels too. 

Couple the practical plan knowledge with Sophie's beautiful photography and styling, and the shop and the geofleur Instagram account are both well worth seeking out. 

London Craft Club loves Geo-Fleur - #mondaycraftclub

 Visit to preorder the book, subscribe to a plant box or just buy lovely lovely things.