Chalkboard Cushion DIY tutorial May 5, 2015 21:27 11 Comments


Here's how to make the ultimate in personalised gifts - a cushion cover you can write messages on in chalk. A wipe with a damp cloth and you've got a plain black and white cushion again, ready for the next message.

 You will need
 - A white or cream cushion cover made of sturdy fabric
- A craft knife, ruler and pencil
- An iron
- Some chalk
- A tin of Chalkboard (Blackboard) paint Buy chalkboard paint here
- Freezer paper Buy freezer paper here

Draw a series of rectangles on the matt side of the freezer paper - whatever size fits nicely on the cushion. Cut out the squares - be very very careful to cut precisely into the corners, and no further

Lay the freezer paper with the shiny side on the fabric, and iron it. The freezer paper will stick to your fabric. ***TOP TIP*** Try to press down with the iron without rubbing back and forth, your freezer paper will go on without crinkles that way.

Use a brush to gently paint on the chalk board paint. Paint from the outside of the rectangle inwards, so you're less likely to get paint under the edges of the freezer paper. ***TOP TIP*** If your fabric is thinner, put a sheet of paper inside to stop paint soaking through from the front to the back.

While the paint is still wet, carefully peel off the freezer paper - it should come away easily

When the paint is dry, rub chalk all over it, and then rub it in with a dry cloth. This "grits" the paint and makes the chalk write on it better. (And if you put a sheet of paper inside earlier, now's the time to remove it)

Use chalk to write on your cushion - when you want a new message, just wipe with a damp cloth, and start again.